The Chora Godwin Learning and Writing Center


The Learning Center provides tutorial services to students free of charge.

The Learning Center is temporarily located in the Information Technology building for the Fall semester.

Contact Information
To make an appointment for a tutor, please call 442-2377.

For help on writing and research assignments, check out the following useful websites -- 

  • APA
    • American Psyschological Association Style Guide
  • Auburn
    • Citation style guides from Auburn's libraries
  • Wisconsin
    • University of Wisconsin's Writing Center citation style guides
  • Bible
    • Guide to citing the Bible
  • Citation Styles
    • Guide to various citation styles using color code strategy
  • KU Writing Center
    • University of Kansas Writing Center
  • Purdue
    • Website devoted to the research process
  • Research 101
    • Interactive online tutorial introduction to research skills